General Rules

  1. Sport fishing State Championship "PESCA LA BAJA" 2015 edition, will take place in two categories.
  2. Categories:
    SURFACE: Yellow Fin Tuna, Big Eye, Albacore, Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Yellow Tail, Pacific Sierra and Sea Bass.
    BOTTOM: all species except Rays, Shark and protected species.
  3. Participants that deliver the biggest and heaviest fish for each category will be declared winner for each tournament.
  4. There will be 5 tournaments for the state championship of Sport fishing "PESCA LA BAJA" 2015 edition.
  5. Tournament Place Date
    1. Tournament San Felipe, B.C. May 22 and 23
    2. Tournament San Luis Gonzaga, B.C. June 26 and 27
    3. Tournament Bahía de los Ángeles, B.C. July 24 and 25
    4. Tournament San Quintín, B.C. August 21 and 22
    5. Tournament Ensenada, B.C. GRAND FINALE September 18 and 19
  6. Departure and arrival of vessels, as well as weight check, will be in the following locations:
  7. Place Location
    San Felipe, B.C. Dársena (exit embarkation)
    San Luis Gonzaga, B.C. Hotel Alfonsinas
    Bahía de los Ángeles, B.C. Public Ramp
    San Quintín, B.C. Old Mill (Molino Viejo)
    Ensenada, B.C. Sport fishing pier (API)
  8. Schedules and locations for registration of participants, vessel arrivals, Captain Reunions, weight check and tournament awards, will be established based on operational dynamics of each of the sites, this information will be available in our official site for the championship and
  9. Fish Captures will be randomly opened after being weighted by the judges and auxiliaries. After this, the species will be checked by authorized biologists.
  10. The cost per participant of each of the four tournaments will be $600.00 Mexican pesos (adults) and $200.00 Mexican pesos (children under 12 years old).
  11. Awarding Prizes will be given in two categories (surface and bottom) and paid in money and in kind up to fifth place based on a point adding system. Both categories will also be rewarded for catching the heaviest species. There will be Prize Drawings and surprises for each tournament. Protected or prohibited species are not included.
  12. Place prizes of Bottom and Surface (Mexican Pesos)
    1.$30,000.00 in money and in kind (25 points)
    2.$20,000.00 in money and in kind (23 points)
    3.$10,000.00 in money and in kind (21 points)
    4.$5,000.00 in money and in kind (20 points)
    5.$3,000.00 in money and in kind (19 points)
    6.18 points
    7.17 points
    8.16 points
    9.15 points
    10.14 points
    11.13 points
    12.12 points
    13.11 points
    14.10 points

    Only first and second place in both children’s category (under 12) will be awarded cash in kind.

    Participants that participate in all four tournaments will be awarded 15 extra points. This is an appreciation for participant support and contribution for the competition.

  13. The general rules for this tournament as well as disqualification motives that are mentioned in this document can be modified by the organizing committee. These changes will be published before the event, during the captains meetings and by effective means selected by the committee.
  15. The Grand Finale will be held September 18 and 19. There will be a Huge prize budget (in money and in kind) for the first three places with the highest scores registered in the overall championship. These prizes are not related to the 5 official tournaments winning purse.

    Extra Prizes for the Grand Final.
    1st. Place $50,000 Mexican pesos in money and in kind, trophy. And motor Suzuki brand worth $185,000 Mexican pesos.
    2nd. Place $35,000 Mexican pesos in money and in kind.
    3rd. Place $25,000 Mexican pesos in money and in kind.

    In the event of a tie in points among the winners of the first three places, the prize will be awarded to the participant to present best record in scales and weighing in record time, within 5 tournaments.

Tournament Rules

  1. All people on board the boat must be registered in tournament.
  2. Judge’s ruling is final.
  3. It is a participant obligation to have an individual valid sport fishing permit. Permits will be available at registration desk..
  4. It is participant responsibility to carefully read and acquire knowledge of the tournament bases rules and regulation as well as to consult the official notice board that will be available at the official judge’s weighing station. Last minute rules and bases changes will be posted in the board; therefore, it will be mandatory for all participants to follow.
  5. There is no restriction on the kind of equipment and kind of line to be used.
  6. The use of "mechudo" is prohibited in the tournament.
  7. Boat fish boxes or ice coolers will be checked before sailing. Participant will receive a password and a team number that will be used as proof that the fish box or ice cooler was checked by the judges. Participants must present their password at the weigh-in in order to validate their captures.
  8. IGFA Rules will be enforced in this tournament.
  9. It is participant’s responsibility to present their catch for scale. After registration, catch will be returned to participant.
  10. Scale judge will provide participant a scale ticket. It is participant’s responsibility to check and confirm that information, team number, time, date and weight are correct when scale ticket is delivered. Afterwards, participant must present ticket for registration and official stamp. There won’t be any changes allowed after the official stamp is placed in ticket. Changes may be allowed only in case of a system error, in which the participant will have to present original weigh-in copy.
  11. Once the fish bites the bait and hook, it must be brought closer to the boat without any further assistant than the reel, rod and line, No one can help the fisher man while working the fish. Also, there can only be use 1 rod per registered participant in the tournament.
  12. There won’t be courtesy weigh-ins, as only per specie selected by participant for each category will be weigh in. Fish weight will be accounted for the winning prize. In case of a draw, the decision for the winner will be in favor of the participant that first registers their prey before the judges.
  13. For the registration of catches, the contestants must appear in person before the judge of the tournament showing their registration card, who will issue a receipt containing the card number, category, weight, date and time. Its prohibited to submit catches arriving by land, even if its cause of greater force or by chance.
  14. Boat departures are schedule at 6:00 hours. The weighing scale will be opened at 12:00 hours. Judges will not receive any catch after closing weighing scale at 16:00 hours on tournament day. There will be an official clock that will be visible to everyone in which judges and contestants will be guided.
  15. The organizer Committee is not responsible for any accidents that the contestants may have before, during or after the tournament. Therefore, contestants with their boats will enter the competition at their own risk.
  16. Although there will be staff to help move capture fish from boat to the weighing scale, the participating fisherman will be solely responsible for the catch being brought in good condition before the judge.
  17. Any participant who detects any irregularity committed by participants from other vessels, should report it immediately via radio or in person with any evidence they may have to support their complaint, and the committee will have the obligation to conduct relevant investigation and evaluate if there is enough reason for penalization, before the awards ceremony.
  18. The content of the present rules are including but not limited, therefore, what is not contemplated in the present document will be decided by the main judge and the Organizing committee criterion.
  19. By order of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, and self-assurance of the participants, it is required to bring the following equipment on board of the vessel: VHF radio, have it turn on and tuned in authorized frequency which will be used for all 4 tournaments. Participants must refrain from making improper use of radio equipment on the understanding that the person(s) that identify misusing the radio will be severely sanction by both, the above mentioned ministry and by the Organizer Committee.
  20. The participant found in violation of this rules and regulations will be immediately disqualified from the tournament.

The followings will be grounds for disqualifications:

  1. To contravene the bases and rules of the tournament and dispositions writtrn into the text.
  2. Rest the rod into the side of the boat while working the fish.
  3. Breaking of the rod for whatever reason while fighting the fish.
  4. To present the fish in state of decomposition or signs of being frozen.
  5. Allow people in the boat, when not registered in the tournament. This offense will cause to discredit all the fish that have been cought in the boat im which the offense was commited, including all those already registered and all the fishermen on the boat will be automatically be disqualified and out of the competition.
  6. Fishing by hand, and without a rod and reel, the symbol of the sport fisherman, or fishing with electric reels.
  7. Unsportsmanlike conduct display.
  8. Present to scale some fish not cought by this fisherman, whether it has been fished by a companion of the boat, or bought it in any form.
  9. Other causes not covered herewith, which by their seriousness in the opinion of the judge or the organizer goes against the spirit of sports fishing.

Tournament Rules

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